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Andy Ellem is an Australian musician and children's book author. He writes in a style thats fun, rhythmic and lightly poetic. His first book "My Little Dog" was released at the start of 2022 and he has multiple exciting titles coming out later this year. Andy has been described as "interested in everything" and so has a long list of experiences to draw on in his writing. He believes the highest skill as a writer is to say a lot in a few words.. this is what drew him to writing rhyming picture books.


It takes an eclectic past to come up with a unique style, and Andy has sure experienced a lot: after graduating psychology, he joined the army reserve, worked as a security guard at a casino, collected 47 stamps in his passport, worked as a site foreman, a school teacher and built a career as a musician. He draws on these experiences to write stories that will make you laugh, feel warm inside and hopefully, help you see the rainbow in the storm.

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